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Women of almost any size can continue to make good use of Capri Jeans from makers like Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karan, and relative newcomer Baby Phat.

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Women’s Hipsters are a type of low rise jeans, meaning they have a narrow waist band and ride right on top of the hips. Hipster Jeans are not for most, but slender women who feature good hip bones to hang them on often look fantastic in them. Take a look at some of the Hipster Jeans sale prices that can be found at places like eBay, Amazon and Others.

Since the 1950’s, when the King was rockin’ Hound Dog and James Dean was glacially cool, blue jeans have been the preferred choice of America’s individualistic counter culture. No style of jeans says “be your own person” better than Women’s Button Flys. They give women a sense of control, of intentionality. Generous uppers on these jeans deliver a tasteful but not tight fit that pleases you, while you couldn’t give a rip what the guy across the restaurant is thinking. Unless, perhaps, he’s thinking, “there’s a woman in full, charting her own course. And that is incredibly appealing!”

Not every woman has great legs. If you have average legs but a knock-out top and want to draw the attention of others to the north half of you, then basic Women’s Straight Leg Jeans are perfect. They are great for reducing chunky thighs or backsides with sizes that do not fit too tight or too loose. They even you out below the waist with uniform width from hip to foot. Straight legs present a look similar to Skinnies, but you don’t have to actually be ultra-thin to pull it off! And straight leg jeans do not discriminate between short, medium, or tall, either. All look equally good. But this doesn’t mean that Straights have to be boring. Women’s Straight Leg Jeans

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