Womens Jeans Fashions - Part II

Women’s Skinny Jeans of today have a legacy that can be traced back to Audrey Hepburn and a blond named Marilyn. A legion of fans started wearing them, and the slim-fitting top to bottom style has waxed and waned in popularity for almost 60 years.

Today’s Skinny jeans feature classic narrow top and legs, with very small leg openings. Some expand the opening with a zipper, while most are made from stretch denim containing 2% to 4% spandex to really snug them up tight to the body. It goes without saying that Skinny jeans are a fashion only certain body types look good in. If you are naturally slim, and enjoy a tight fit, these are just right. They look fantastic tucked into your favorite pair of boots or rolled up to the calf with flip-flops or sneakers. Taller ladies might consider a pair of stilettos to render a truly memorable image.

Many gals pursue a little relaxation wherever they can find it in their busy lives. If you live in your jeans, for day in and day out use, Women’s Relaxed Fit Jean fashions are perfect. They provide more room in the hips, thighs and rear end without looking baggy. The legs are generous, too. Many brands put a little stretch in the waist for even greater relaxation. If you want the baggy look, you jump up a size and go for it. You get the comfort you want and a style you enjoy. Relaxed Fit jeans give you the opportunity to hide a little extra here or there, while providing a great foundation for your favorite tops or footwear.

In the 70’s, hip hugger jeans were hot and a bit shocking. Today, their modern equivalent, Low Rise Jeans are hot and very chic! Fashion experts encourage caution when choosing low rise jeans. They are not for everybody, and flattering can turn embarrassing pretty quickly! When you pick up a new pair of low risers, model them for the friend, front and back, including, yes, squatting down and bending over. Get their feedback.

Many women feel the plumber look in back is never in style! Also, with the wrong shirt or blouse, even an average body can produce a “muffin top” with a bit of you hanging over the jeans in front or on the sides. Low rise jeans can be very flattering to slender tummies and great abs, and look great with the right tops.
If you can wear them go for it! They come in a variety of leg options, and are offered by BKE, Buffalo, Diesel and many others.

Women’s Cargo jeans were inspired by the 40’s era military, and are designed to portray a hard working image, whether your line of work puts dirt under your nails or not. You don’t even need a line of work to look great in the Cargo styles being offered by leading designers. They are full of pockets front, back and side, which are closed with buttons, snaps or Velcro. What you put in the pockets matters little, from a tube of lip gloss to a handful of #16 nails. What you put into the jeans will look good, whether it is slender, chunky, or something else. Their moderately baggy fit keeps others guessing about the specifics of your physique.

Today’s Cargos come with a variety of specifics, including draw-string waists, tied ankles, and even flared bottoms. Their emphasis in on being comfortable and practical, but good looking form follows solid function in many of the brands available.

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